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      Meadow Farm Bed & Breakfast
       Northwood, NH   693-942-8619
       Doug & Janet Briggs, Inn Keepers



                           Pawtuckaway State Park
                           Nottingham, New Hampshire


    Meredith Inn
    Janet Carpenter, Inn Keeper
     (pssst, she's Marshall's cousin) 
    Meredith, NH  603-279-0000

 a day . . .
   111 Nottingham Road
Deerfield, New Hampshire

Michael Ketchek
Alexis Rotella
Haiku Workshop
Vincent Tripi                    Jeannie Martin                            Jeff Hoagland                     
             Tom Clausen
Evelyn Lang / Tom Clausen / Vincent Tripi
David M Carroll
author of Year of the Turtle
Ian Marshall
Robin White with Vincent Tripi
Flutewalker's handmade Native American Flutes

Jamie Lowe in full kimono,
playing the Japanese shamisen

Ian Marshall, author of Walden by Haiku
Stanford M Forrester
our closest airport with hotels, suites & rental cars
                 40 minutes from Wild Graces
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  Smokey Pines Cottage   &   Echo Hill Farm Guest Suite
Stuart Bartow, author of Quaking Marsh
Kath Abela Wilson
Rick Wilson on the Shakuhachi
Bruce Iverson

Don Wentworth, editor Lilliput Review
Yu Chang & Hillary Tann
Tom Clausen & John Stevenson
Ben Moeller-Gaa
Stuart Bartow
Attendees included Marshall Hatch, Stuart Bartow, Kristen Lindquist, Mary Forrester, Suzanne Niedzielska, Ben Moeller-Gaa, Jessi Graustein, 
Rise Daniels, Hannah Mahoney, Hilary Tann, Stan Forrester, Laurie Morrissey, John Stevenson, Ron Scully, Yu Chang, Brad Bennett,    
 Tom Clausen, Alan Bridges, Michael Ketchek, Jeff Hoagland, Tom Sacramona, Don Wentworth, Laurie Anderson, John Terninko, 
Edward J Rielly … Not pictured but also a part of our day, Pat Davis, Mary Stevens, Rob Boyce, Jeanne Rielly, Candi Chamberlain & Robin White

Kristen Lindquist
Mary Stevens
Kath Abela Wilson
6th Annual Haiku Gathering at Wild Graces, September 7th, 2019

The Word Barn
Exeter, New Hampshire
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   Sleep under the stars at Wild Graces.
   Two single overnight tents available ~
   cot & LED light included with each.

David L Young & Susan Lang
James Schlett
Junko Fujiwara
Terri L French
Kevin Reams on Native American Flute
Tom Sacramona
Peter Newton, editor tinywords
Harry Hudson, snow on water
Kristen Lindquist
Stanford M Forrester / sekiro   Editor of bottle rockets
Laurie D Morrissey
Raymond French
Brad Bennett, author of a drop of pond
Jeff Hoagland
Harry Hudson, snow on water
Ben Moeller-Gaa & Jessi Graustein
Don Wentworth, editor Lilliput Review
of creativity & sharing among haiku poets, artists & musicians amidst the old apple trees, herb gardens and frog ponds here at Wild Graces in Deerfield, New Hampshire ... a stone's throw from the Pawtuckaway Mountains and the Great Brook Trail, one of our favorite beaver & wild mushroom  hiking trails.

Masters & newbies are welcome to participate in our workshops & share their haibun, tanka, senryu & haiku during the open mic. Bring your books, broadsides, brushwork, haiga & cds to swap, sell or share.

            Registration / Sign Up opens April 1, 2022  
                                   for Wild Graces 9 
                to be held Saturday,  August 27th, 2022  

                                    $45 registration fee                                                                     includes refreshments,
                                brunch, music & workshops.
    To keep it intimate,  space is limited to 50 attendees.
            To keep everyone safe, only those fully vaccinated may attend.

Vincent Tripi
John Terninko, Evelyn Lang, Vincent Tripi, Jeannie Martin, Brad Bennett, Tom Clausen  
Michael Ketchek
Alexis Rotella
David M Carroll
Jeannie Martin with Vincent Tripi
Pamela A Babusci, editor Moonbathing: A journal of Women's Tanka
 Stanford M Forrester, editor of bottle rockets
masked bandits Stuart Bartow & Tom Sacramona
Pat Davis, Hilary Tann & Yu Chang
John Stevenson, managing editor Heron's Nest
Edward J Rielly
antique cicada clicker toy from stan to jeff 
Rise Daniels
John Stevenson, Suzanne Niedzielska, Jeff Hoagland
Rise Daniels, Mary Forrester, Kim Davis
Michael Ketchek & Jay Friedenberg
Jamie Lowe on the Japanese shamisen
Elizabeth Reian Bennett
    Shakuhachi Master
Michael Ketchek, editor of Frogpond
Jane Kelly & Guthrie, On the Wing
Sumi-e painting by Jan Zaremba, 1st Annual
 Haiku Gathering at Wild Graces, 2014

Haiku ​Workshop with Michael Ketchek & Tom Clausen

Tom Sacramona, Mary Stevens, Jeff Hoagland
Shin-Yi Yang on the Chinese zither
Scott Mason, author of the Wonder Code
Hannah Mahoney
the poets' tent
Barbara Ungar, author Immortal Medusa
Scott Billington & Johnette Downing
John Terninko
Kristen Lindquist, Mary Stevens, Hannah Mahoney
8th Annual Haiku Gathering at Wild Graces 2021
Year of the Mask, 2020
Jan Zaremba
   Mary Stevens, Hannah Mahoney, Jeannie Martin with Harpo,
Alan Bridges, Brad Bennett, Tom Sacramona & Kristen Lindquist
                    Jimmy Pappas, Jan & Bill Deegan, Brad Bennett, Alan Bridges, Jamie Muth, Wendy Toth Notarnicola,
                      Laurie D Morrissey, Scott Mason, Shir Haberman, Jeff Hoagland, Stanford Forrester, Jeannie Martin, 
         John Stevenson, Pat Davis, John Terninko, Peter Newton, Janice Doppler, Michael & Amber Winter, Alisa Parcells, 
            James Schlett, Jacqui Paglialonga, Johnette Downing, Scott Billington, Lisa, Tom Sacramona, Jacquie Pearce,
            Kristen Lindquist, Ben Gaa, Hannah Mahoney, Mary Forrester, Barbara Ungar, Stuart Bartow,   Marshall Hatch  ... 
                         Not pictured but also a part of our day ~ Mary Stevens, Ron Scully, Robin White, John Tavano,                                                                                                        Sun & Shin-Yi Yang, Bruce Iverson

Pat Davis with David M Carroll
1st Haiku Anthology honoring the first 7 gatherings
Jacqueline Pearce, editor Last Train Home
Jimmy Pappas, Poetry Society of NH
John Tavano
 John Stevenson

Jeff Hoagland

Mary Dunham
henna artist
stay tuned for more info
Workshops with

            wild graces 9
​          Saturday
 August 27th,  2022